The Most Effective Ways for IT Companies to Keep Their Team Happy and Productive

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Employees who are happy are more productive. It’s a time-tested adage that remains true in today’s workplaces, and it’s especially true for IT organizations. It may be difficult for businesses to keep up with the newest trends and advancements, let alone implement them across their workforce, as technology develops at breakneck speed.

One solution for this is to hire IT professionals who are passionate about their work, eager to learn new skills, and always looking for ways to improve themselves. Enthusiastic workers are more likely to embrace these challenges with open arms, after all – which means they’ll be more dedicated when it comes time to perfect their craft and make the most of new tools and systems.

While it’s easy to understand how stimulus can keep employees motivated, leaders in IT companies should also look at the other end of the spectrum as a means for cultivating productive workers as well. In other words: employees need downtime as much as they need challenges if they’re going to be effective at their jobs. A recent study from USC found that people who take time to relax and recharge are more productive overall – which is why companies should make a point of encouraging workers to take time off when necessary, even if it’s during busy periods.

This easy-going approach not only helps employees stay focused on the task at hand, but it also ensures they’ll be more creative and intuitive when it’s time to innovate. After all, what good is having a team of talented IT professionals if they’re always feeling overwhelmed or overworked? By taking the time to recharge between projects, workers can tackle new challenges with fresh eyes that are also rested enough to handle anything that comes their way.

Where the mind is without fear, there’s dignity and freedom. And if such is the world built inside a company, then the employees are happy and productive. Hopefully, we dont have to discuss in length what happens if the team of the IT company is happy and productive.

If you are not sure as an IT company why you should care, read this post from SurveyMonkey. And if you are here to find out how to keep your team happy, then keep reading! 

Here are the 4 Most Effective Ways for IT Companies to Keep Their Team Happy and Productive.

1. Give your employees a sense of purpose

Otherwise, your staff will become restless without knowing what they’re working on for whom. You may assist in this by informing them of the advantages to themselves and the company as a whole when you hire them – whether it’s a chance to master difficult data for the first time or an opportunity to enhance their public speaking abilities.

Employees who want to grow will also need to understand how to climb the corporate ladder – which is where mentorship programs and training courses come into play. While exploring cutting-edge technologies may help raise morale while providing employees a path towards success, it may also make them more secure about their career prospects at your firm.

2. Encourage employees to collaborate

The days of compartmentalized workers are long gone, which means you’ll need to urge your IT staff to communicate more than they do presently. It’s critical to establish a culture in which individuals feel comfortable giving honest criticism, requesting assistance, and proposing new ideas even if they buck the norm.

According to Cisco, teams with well-connected employees are 19% more productive than those that don’t collaborate well. It’s critical to promote these relationships whenever feasible. On occasion, make it a priority for your staff to meet in person.

3. Recognize achievements and give employees credit

The more you can do to recognize your employees for their hard work, the happier they’ll be. Even if they only complete a task correctly, show them appreciation by praising them in public, even if it’s just once. Don’t be hesitant to give someone a hug or high-five when they’ve exceeded expectations; especially if they completed a project ahead of schedule or went above and beyond what was expected.

Employees who are proud of their work are more inclined to continue coming up with new ways for your company to develop and flourish as a whole. No matter how modest the accomplishment, it should be recognized; and it will encourage your employees to keep striving forward within your organization.

4. Offer competitive benefits

The finest technology firms aren’t only recognized for their workplaces, but they’re also recognized for having some of the most competitive compensation and benefits packages on the market. If you want an IT team that enjoys working with your organization, you’ll need to be prepared to pay them well and give them all they require in terms of attractive salaries and benefits.

Many employers are looking for IT professionals who are eager to work remotely. Here are some possible incentives: health insurance, access to continuing education courses that will enhance their skillsets, flexible scheduling when combined with full-time employment opportunities, and even discounts on gym memberships, entertainment venues, and transportation. There’s no sense in employing competent individuals if you aren’t willing to keep them satisfied; so do everything you can to give your IT team the best of everything!

Make sure you’re doing excellent work yourself if you want to improve as a leader! That means keeping your career on track by taking advantage of certifications like Microsoft’s MTA: Database Fundamentals, Linux+, CompTIA’s A+ or Network+, for example. Your employees will appreciate your leadership more one day, so if you’d like to invest in anything for yourself… now is the time.

Encourage New Ideas and Creativity

Many great success stories of CEOs of IT companies started from their old tedious job where they couldn’t explore their ideas and creativity. They wanted to be entrepreneurs because they needed those ideas and creativity to come to fruition. 

Search giants like Google have their ways discussed in Re: work to keep that innovation flowing and regulated. Tim Cook didn’t join Apple. INC because he didn’t have enough opportunities to get rich, but because Steve Jobs was a creative genius who inspired him to take risks.

As an IT company, you need your employees engaged in innovative and creative activities. The more you encourage them to be innovative, providing a suitable environment, the more your company benefits. Experiment with new approaches and observe how they interact. As a result, everyone in the team will see what works and what doesn’t. It assists them in comprehending their issues and supports their growth. Getting to exercise their creativity makes employees happy and productive.

Support healthy work/life balance

Supporting healthy work and life balance goes both ways. You, as employer and people you lead, both need an active work-life balance. Even though the requirements of the works keep switching gears, remember that everyone has a life outside the workplace. Stressed and pressured employees cant do half of what they can achieve when they are energized, fresh and happy. 

Often than seldom, it would help if you were flexible with their preferences, timing, and personal needs. This gives them support and, at the same time, makes them feel grateful enough to have the tasks done on time. 

Provide Perks of Working with your Company

Why should anyone invest their time, effort, creativity, or even 2 cents in your company? Sure, you may be paying them, but there are many other things they could be doing than working for your company for the amount you are paying. The grass is always greener on another side. Given new opportunities, even for lower pay, employees shift their attention to another company if they have better perks than what you provide.

 Take Spanx, for example. Sara Blakely recently gave $10,000 to Her Employees—and a Great Business Lesson to Others. Don’t hurt your brain thinking of how many people are looking to get hired by her company? Only 5% are said to leave her company voluntarily, that too for personal reasons or retirement. 

You dont have to break your bank to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. Simple, thoughtful gestures now and then can go a long way. You might be focusing too much on customer acquisition and retention that you may be overlooking that employees are precious assets, and their retention is equally important. 

Provide tools and accesses required for Success

IT company has to be ever updated with trends and technologies while developing some themselves. If your graphic designer shows interest in programming and wants to learn, provide them with resources, access, and tools. Dont limit their sets of skills and opportunities to grow. 

Even when you think it’s in their best interest to be better and best at what they already do, their ability to learn and acquire new skills should still be acknowledged and respected. Learning new skills helps them become resourceful and, in turn, be more beneficial to your company.


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