30+ Most Profitable and Successful Business Ideas in Nepal [After lockdown 2021]

Most Profitable and Successful Business Ideas in Nepal

While Nepal is the least developed and landlocked country, the economy relies on small businesses. So, we have come up with new profitable business ideas favourable in Nepal that you can start with a very low investment.

Most of the business ideas mentioned in this article can be started with a minimum amount not exceeding a lakh.

In a country like Nepal, we see that youths aim to start their businesses with less capital while seeing absolute satisfaction from what they do.

To startup, profitable business in Nepal requires business ideas, creativeness, hard work, patience, and passion. So, most people desire to be perfect entrepreneurs, want to start their own business but lacks business knowledge, and the way to get started. Most of the entrepreneurial ventures in Nepal are began as small businesses with low investments but highly profitable.

Highly profitable business ideas to start in Nepal with low investment

Incense manufacturing

Incense is used in religious ceremonies or daily worshipping. Hindus and Buddhists require it, but there are differences between incents used by the two groups of people. To start an incense business, you can make a small investment, to begin with, then gradually produce all forms of different scented sticks so that you may capture your market share.


Candles used to be in demand because of load-shedding. But now, with the end of power shortages, there isn’t much need for them anymore, so Candles’ business is dying out a little more every day.

Candles’ business was thriving up to a few years ago. Nepal would face load-shedding for hours, more in the winter months. A city like Kathmandu met 22 hours of power outages per day during this time – people had no choice but bought candles to light their rooms.

Nowadays, there is little demand left as residents have access to electricity 24/7 courtesy of recent infrastructure overhauls and efforts from our government’s end; however, one can still make money selling decorative candles on special occasions such as birthdays through fragrant candles shops around town.”


Nepali people are obsessed with momo and Chowmin, so there is no shortage of restaurants serving these popular snacks. If you want to start a business in the noodle industry for making Chowmin noodles, it’s good news! There are already many small scale factories locally producing quality ingredients like flour needed for the recipe; all you need now is some marketing efforts.

Pickles and Jams

The Nepalese are enthusiastic about their pickles. Many of them eat it with every meal, whether that be breakfast, lunch or dinner – as well as snacking in between!

There is a huge demand for different pickled vegetables, and making your factory can put you on the road to success at an only minimal cost. You should focus on what kind of variety you want to make – like chilli peppers, raw mangoes, cucumbers, radishes, and mixed veggies?

Another area that would help strengthen sales could be digital marketing: there are plenty of other factories out there already, so try focusing more around this area when getting started, but don’t forget production either because without producing these tasty treats, then no one else will get a taste test. Yours too!

Fruit jam is another way you can make different products. It will give your customers more options and help increase the amount of money they spend on each visit to your store.

Plastic bag alternatives(highly recommended business idea)

The government is imposing strict rules to discourage plastic bags, as they have a substantial environmental impact. It takes many years for these items to decompose, and there are alternatives such as paper or cotton that can be used instead.

Plastic bags are a staple in Nepali groceries and can be very harmful to the environment. Luckily, there is an alternative: paper or jute bags! There are also cotton ones too for those who want more of that classic shopping bag feel. You should research as many options out there for this business venture before deciding on one yourself- some will do better than others depending on where they’re being sold (cities vs rural areas). Good luck with your new sustainable business idea!

Soap and detergent

There are many opportunities to start your soap and detergent business. You need to create a plan of action for the most effective way to go about it, but once that is ready all you have left is execution. Start with small scale production; gradually expand as needed based on demand/customer satisfaction levels.

Creating product variety like organic soaps or bathing bars opens another avenue for consumers to want more choices.

Online Shopping / E-Commerce

These days, technology has revolutionised many things in our lives. It’s changed how we work and acquire knowledge; it also affects how business organisations do their sales. Nowadays, they can use an electronic selling method more efficiently than a traditional one because of rapid growth in Internet usage. This new technological trend allows them to sell directly from websites which helps eliminate the need for physical space while increasing accessibility at the same time.

Online bakery Shop/ Online Cake Delivery

Like a cake and bakery shop owner, you are in the business of providing high-quality desserts. You can do this by serving various flavours as well as offering top-notch delivery services to your customers. As soon as people realise that they will receive delicious cakes at low prices with free delivery, it is sure that more and more Nepali’s will buy from you!


In Nepal, a thriving small business, videography has a huge potential. It is an art where a video creator should know about lighting, sound, and camera operation. Hand-eye coordination knowledge and steady grip are essential for smooth footage creation.

A videographer can create visual presentations for corporations, record special events or celebrations, including weddings and ceremonies, and functional program videos. They also have the option of editing through using software on their own. Gradually they will be able to grow in this career by developing a workplace such as television or advertising agencies, which is why Videography is a fantastic business opportunity for youths in Nepal.

Much more personally engaging than just stating facts about what one could do with a degree in video production


Being a professional photographer is an art that requires mastery of the tools and understanding light, setting and people. They should capture moments in their camera with hidden meaning for others to understand through just one photo. There are many types of photography such as sports, nature or the street; each shows us something different about what we are like and where we live.

Photography is one of the popular career choices that people dream of becoming professionalised in. This is one of the best profitable business ideas in Nepal that anyone can start with a month of training.

With the web being such an image-heavy place, it’s no wonder that photography has become so extensive and useful for business purposes. If you want to start your own Photography Business as a freelancer, there are many industry segments available to work with; like weddings or graduations, just name it! There may also be opportunities working exclusively within specific fields where creativity can flourish (i.e., artistic photos). And don’t forget about uploading all those beautiful shots onto related websites and promotional materials!

Online Training

Through online training, people can learn about a wide range of topics in an efficient way. They are not bound to their physical location or time and distance. It is best for busy schedules because it allows us access to constant updates with new developments within the technology field and other subjects we require learning about constantly due to how fast-paced our world has become today.

The best part of online training is that you can learn at your own pace. You don’t have to go back and forth between work, home, or school, so it’s flexible in time commitment. This will allow you to earn more money from a side gig and enhance your knowledge on the subject matter, which increases marketability when looking for jobs later down the line!

Software Reseller

Software Reseller is a company that will typically purchase IT products or services from the manufacturer, distributor, or service provider for reselling to its customers. It acts as an intermediary between companies and their customers by creating and distributing software while also fulfilling customer orders by selling said software themselves. It operates within industries such as CDW, Insight Softchoice, SHI, and SOFTWARE-ONE. Software resale may offer additional services, including asset management in addition to product fulfilment.

Business Directory

A business directory is a great way to boost profits for any company, and it can be started with low investments in this digital age. There are only a few business directories in Nepal. So, this is one of the best profitable business ideas in Nepal that you can start with a minimum investment. You can buy a shared or reseller hosting and create your own business directory in less than a thousand rupees.

Generally, a Business Directory is an online business directory where companies provide contact information such as the primary names, phone numbers and services offered by each store or organisation. Profitable Businesses in Nepal must have a significant online presence. Hence, customers can search them easily on local listing websites, giving more people access who would not usually find your website themselves.

Maintenance Shop

There are a ton of other maintenance and repair services needed to run any business. Some common ones include building, plumbing, roofing/roof repairs, paint jobs… the list goes on! With so many types of companies out there now, it can be challenging for people searching online to find all the information they need about each class in one place.

Every profitable businesses in Nepal need maintenance and repair services to maintain its growth; these areas cover property such as buildings including brickwork or drainage problems, among others like painting or decorating that will give an appealing appearance aesthetically pleasing with aesthetic beauty which would

Glass Handicrafts

If you have a hydrogen-powered flame or gasoline, creating glass is simple. You can recycle waste into new products by using innovative designs from other sources.

It is easy, even in remote areas. You can use a hydrogen flame (from PV powered electrolysis) or a gasoline flame used by goldsmiths to make glass products such as plates and cups. For flat lids for canned goods, you’ll need recycled glass jars with either rubber rings or wax seals on top of them.

Glass brick and glass shingle making

By transforming glass waste into valuable raw materials, this would be used to build greenhouses that are much more sustainable than polytunnel and plastic roof versions.

By transforming glass waste into valuable raw materials, this would be used to build greenhouses that are much more sustainable than polytunnel and plastic roof versions.

Water filter factory

A water filter factory that provides instructions on making ceramic water filters with local materials (clay, rice husk and water) can be found here 74 and here 12. The use of these allows for making a truck or rainwater clean enough such as not possible from just chlorine/iodine alone due to algae particles in it.

Erasable notebooks for schools kids

Plastic notebooks could be used to save parents money, as they can erase the notes and use them again. This would only make a difference in one month, though.

Plastic film paper is an innovative way to save money on school supplies and pencils for parents. It costs less than traditional notebooks, can be wiped clean with ethanol instead of buying new ones every month, and would pay off in a few weeks!

Plastic particleboard

Using a simple method of melting plastic and pressing it together, we can recycle the waste into something new. The final product is not large sheets of material but instead has many small air pockets that are intentional in design. This makes for an easy to handle building material perfect for furniture or boxes with excellent structural integrity.,

Bamboo reinforced plastic

Bamboo fibres can be extracted from plastic film. Plastic films are obtained by using trashed bags and interlaying them with bamboo fibre layers, turning the layer 90 degrees to avoid mixing materials. Although this process is complicated, it creates a sturdy material while being light-weighted compared to massive sheets made out of plastics alone. The good thing about these new products is that they don’t rot like natural bamboos do because they’re resistant against harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds since there isn’t any rotting going on due to moisture exposure which would normally happen without adding a protective layer over it for example varnish but instead making use of recycled trash items (trash pieces).

Producing bicycle-powered machines for agriculture

Bicycle powered machines for agriculture are used on the field and can be made light enough to transport up hills, unlike motorised ones that won’t have electricity.

Whether it be used on a field or not, the bicycle-powered machine can transport up and down hills more quickly than motorised machines. It would also operate without electricity- an exception being if there is a generator present.

Combined biogas fired / solar-powered food dehydrator

Combined biogas fired and solar-powered food dehydrators could save energy by allowing a batch of air to saturate in humidity before exchanging it, heating incoming air with exhaust using an air-to-air heat exchanger. This device would allow you to dry foods during harvest time when the sun is scarce, typically right at the beginning of monsoon season.

This device will dry food in harvest time close before monsoon, where the sun is usually scarcer. It should save energy by letting a batch of air saturate in humidity before exchanging it and heating incoming air with exhaust air using a heat exchanger.

Electricity from pine needles

People could use pine needles to generate electricity without any harm. This process would not be dangerous, and it can cook food at the same time!

The best electricity source for cooking food would be using pine needles (and other unused biomass) in wood/biomass gasification, then driving generators with it. This could also cook on the same device. There should be small intermediate storage of unpressurised carbon monoxide, but this has to have enough free space around so that a generator can run several hours after cooking is done (6-8 hours if they are going to cook twice per day). Storing more significant amounts of pressurised carbon monoxide is dangerous because even 0.05% air content will kill you within a 10% chance.

Travel agency

Register your company and open a dedicated serving point – a travel agency.

There are many benefits to opening up an office instead of having clients come directly to you or by using digital channels such as online chat, email etc… You will be able to meet face-to-face with customers, which is excellent for building relationships and trustworthiness in the long run. If they see that there’s someone behind their service provider (you), it’ll make them feel more comfortable thus increasing conversions.


A barbershop is essential for any community. People go to a hair-cutting salon to look neat and clean, achieved through a simple haircut. If you know how to cut hair, you could open your own profitable business in Nepal (with very little startup capital). There are plenty of academies in the area that will teach haircuts too.

Beauty parlour and make-up

In today’s society, beauty parlours and makeup shops have become necessary for women in urban areas. They provide facials, hair styling/updos, make-ups (of different kinds), threading etc. The high-income time of these salons is during weddings as that is when they get the most profitable business in Nepal. There are also opportunities to do freelancing work providing home service where you can learn the techniques from professionals at training courses or workshops organised by such companies which impart knowledge on how to be proficient with your skills through seminars and demonstrations held at various places throughout the country before finally taking an exam whose results qualify candidates for jobs offered by employers looking out specifically for individuals equipped with this kind of specialized talent.

Fruit and Juice shop

The demand for milk and other dairy products in Nepal is increasing. You can join this community by opening a small shop to sell ghee, paneer, ice cream or even just plain milk.

In Nepal, most people are Hindu and have a sacred cow. They eat dairy products regularly. Many farmers in rural areas own cows or buffalo for milk production; with the increasing demand for these goods there is an opportunity to start your own business by creating a small shop that sells different kinds of cheese like paneer and ice cream. Good luck!


Freelancing careers are becoming more formalised and the most demanding business in Nepal, and it’s a trend worth following. If you have an IT background or specialise in one of these fields: web design & development, app design & development system design/development – there is plenty of room for growth here.

The future looks bright with prospects to work on the emerging science and technology sector that focuses primarily on Kathmandu right now. You can start small if needed but always keep scaling up your company when opportunities arise.

Electronics repairing

Repairing electronics, like phones and televisions, are in huge demand these days. With the growing number of people who use smartphones or have TVs at home, there is an excellent possibility that some might damage their gadgets by mishandling them or dropping them accidentally. Repair shops can be opened so you will become an electronic technician if you master this skill.

You may start with opening your repair shop because repairing mobile phones has gained popularity compared to television since more and more people spend time playing games on their phones rather than watching TV shows anymore due to advancements in technology for creating better picture quality on bigger screens using flat-screen TVs which make previous versions redundant today..

Food stall or restaurant

Food stalls or restaurants are one of the most popular business ventures in Kathmandu. The two top-selling dishes are momo and chowmin, with sausages, fried potatoes (Pakauda), samosas, puri tarkari, chatpatey pani puri etc as other choices to suit your tastes. You can start from low investment and gradually add spaces/items for a growing space – just make sure you keep it fresh! It’s important that food is hygienic, so people will trust what they’re buying.

Grocery shop

In every corner of town or city, you will indeed find a grocery shop. The most common small profitable businesses in Nepal is the grocery shop. A grocery shop primarily sells food either fresh or preserved and does not require any previous skills to open one; all you need is good behaviour towards customers.

You can start slowly by only selling instant noodles, biscuits, cigarettes and confectionery items like sweets and chocolates but then gradually add water jars as well dairy products like milk & yogurt for example vegetables too into your inventory after finding a good place where it’s convenient to operate from such as having access to electricity etc., set up accordingly so that everything else runs smoothly with ease – efficiently profitable!

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