IT: IT career option after graduation

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Scope of IT

The role of Information Technology is inevitable in today’s generation. The IT industry holds an impeccable impact in every business sector. Innovations in technology have allowed every person, business house and government sector to remodel the traditional work structure into a digitized approach with the use of internet and cloud technologies. The advancement and implications of new technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Robotic Process Automation, Internet of Things, etc. signifies the value of growing technology trends.

In Nepal, there are admirable IT companies providing services related to Software and Application Development, IT Support, AI Solutions, Machine Learning, Data Processing and Analysis, Digital Banking or M/E Banking Solutions, Cloud Hosting, Cyber Security, Digital Wallet, Cross Border Remittance System and many more IT related services.

The IT industry has become so big and important that it can be difficult to keep up with all of its advancements. Innovations in technology have helped every person, company, or government agency rethink their work structure into a digital approach; this innovation is commonly referred to as the internet age.

The IT industry is a booming multi-billion dollar market that is changing the world’s work structure. The use of internet and cloud technologies has allowed businesses to optimize their operations with increased efficiency, accuracy, and speed; all while reducing costs.

The Information Technology Industry (IT) makes up 8% ($8 trillion!) of total global production. This ever so lucrative sector boasts annual growth rates in excess of 6%. As more people come online through mobile devices or other means such as social media platforms like Facebook, etc., the need for this service only continues to grow exponentially. One study found that companies who adopt new technology see productivity levels jump by 20%; on top of becoming 18% less expensive – not too shabby.

IT scope in developing countries

Poverty is one of the most difficult issues to tackle in developing countries. The IT (Information Technology) industry has been booming and has provided a way for some people to escape this cycle. With more people being empowered, their communities become stronger and begin tackling other problems head-ons such as poverty and health issues.

The area of IT is booming in developing countries. This has the potential to make a huge impact on the economy and sustainability, as well as improve quality of life. It can open up new opportunities for people who are living in poverty, allow them access to information that will help them advance economically and socially. The following examples demonstrate how this technology is impacting their lives:

In Kenya, women are given the opportunity to take online courses to empower themselves through knowledge-gaining skills such as computer engineering or e-commerce management at no cost! In India, many businesses have been able to grow by using software-as-a-service (SaaS) models thanks to cloud computing technologies.

They’re now better equipped than ever before. “It’s not just about developing countries. It is also the most pressing issue in developed nations.” says a man, as he stands before an audience of business leaders and politicians from around the world in a room with various flags on display. “Every day we see new innovations that are changing how we live and work – so much has changed in less than a generation or two! Technology is driving this change, but it won’t be confined to our country borders for long.” The speaker spoke calmly as he went over his notes on an iPad and continued, “We know that technology has built prosperity-creating jobs all over the world. And now we see mobile networks powering advances like agriculture while connecting people.

IT career options

Web Development

What if I told you that, just four years ago, the Internet was a wide-open frontier? A place where innovators could compete on their own terms for customers and influence. It was an industry with a single dominant player: AOL. And then came Google, YouTube, Facebook. We’re twice as likely to visit Facebook or Twitter than we are to go to our email inboxes these days. Checkmate.
The lesson is clear: These days it’s better to be at the start of something new than the leader in an old game…

While the web development industry is a very competitive field, it’s also one of the fastest-growing fields in recent years. For this reason, many people are starting to think that web development may be a better option for their carrier building than other options. On top of all these benefits, there are also some challenges that need to be faced head-on if someone wants to succeed in this line of work.

Python expert

Pythons in the wild are known for being elusive and docile creatures that tend to avoid people. But in programming, you can find many jobs if you are good at it. Python programming has a huge scope if you know how to code in python.

Python is the most popular programming language and it is a great profession for many reasons. You can find many jobs if you are good at them. Python programming has a huge scope if you know how to code in python.

Python is an interactive object-oriented language with an extensive standard library, which means programmers use it all of the time! When they do, they get high salaries and gain access to some of the top companies out there such as Google, Amazon or Facebook.

Python is a great profession for many reasons. It’s easy to learn! For one, the syntax of Python is very easy and simple. The language itself has no exceptions or special cases in its grammar that require an individual to memorize them like Java does, which makes it much easier on someone who wants to delve into the world of programming and development. Python also has a lot more libraries than most other languages out there; this means when you need something specific done, there are already tools available for doing so. And not only that, but these tools are high quality because they have been tested extensively by people all around the globe with diverse backgrounds–and what do we know about our biases? Finally, anyone can find jobs using python


Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields in IT, and it’s a must for anyone who wants to protect their computer systems from malware. Cybercriminals are constantly trying new ways to breach your data through these computers that we rely on so heavily–which means there will always be work available.

In cybersecurity, you will work to protect computers and sensitive information. You can expect a fast-paced environment where the need for computer security is constantly growing.

IT technician

The IT technician is on the front lines in solving any computer-related crises that arise. They have to be really good with their hands and know-how machines work, which means they need a lot of practice before being able to diagnose an issue quickly–and make it disappear!

The IT technicians are at the forefront when dealing with technology issues. Being so close to these problems allows them not only access to information about what went wrong but also reveals solutions much faster than other professionals like customer service representatives or salespeople who might not understand as well as someone closely involved would.

System Analyst

A good systems analyst should be a problem solver and planner. They help programmers with the development of software as well by conducting feasibility studies, preparing requirements specifications based on stakeholders’ needs, researching problems to find solutions for them during planning phases.

Database Administrator

Database administrators often use specialized software to organize and keep track of data. This can be done by configuring the security, performance, or keeping an eye on things like how easy it is for people within their organization to get access when they need it most. These professionals also diagnose IT issues related to these tasks in order to provide a safe environment where employees’ needs are met quickly and easily – all while ensuring that any personal information stays protected from outside threats at all times.

IT Director

An IT director is charged with the responsibility of overseeing and executing an organization’s operations. They are responsible for ensuring that department tasks align with company goals, as well as collaborating on contingency plans, budgets, development objectives and more.

Cloud Computing

With the rise in cybersecurity, it’s no surprise that cloud computing is also seeing increasing demand. Cloud technology platform programming like Azure, AWS or Google Cloud creates a great opportunity for those with an IT background to find work and grow their skillset.

Final Thoughts

Many people think that their career options in the IT industry are limited, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many different types of jobs and opportunities for advancement out there. For example, a Junior Software Developer could have so many different possibilities because they can move into a Senior Software Developer position or even become an Architect if they work really hard. They might not start out as an Architect but with some time and experience, they could eventually make it to that level.