How to Start a SaaS Business Without Coding

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Running software as a service (SaaS) business is not just for the tech-savvy. Anyone can start their own SaaS company, you don’t need to be an expert in computer programming. To show how easy it is, we will walk through step by step instructions on how to launch your very first SaaS product without writing any code.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to code and wants to start a SaaS business, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a plan. You can create your own or you can use a SaaS template that will provide the structure and guidance for what to include in your plan.

Name your SAAS business

The first step is naming your SaaS business. Make sure it’s memorable and includes words like “solution,” “software,” “application,” or “product.” When choosing a name, think of whether it would be easy to search for later on Google. Next, decide what industry your business will cater towards and research the market size and potential for growth. Identify your target audience by analyzing the current competitors within the space and who your ideal clients are.

Price for your SAAS service

The second step is determining how much you will charge for your product or service, as well as what types of license agreements to offer. For instance, a SaaS company that provides customer relationship management (CRM) may allow users to pay monthly subscriptions but also sell licenses through an annual contract. Once it’s been determined whether there will be different payment options, create them in whatever way makes sense for your business model.

Create your framework

The third step is to write the software or web application that will provide your service. You can either pay a developer to do this for you, use an agency, or do it yourself with tools like WordPress and Wix. Write down how much time it would take for someone without coding experience to build the product on their own using these types of services. If doing so takes longer than anticipated, then consider hiring a developer instead.

Add special ingredients to your SAAS service

The next thing you’ll need are features that will help distinguish your SaaS from those offered by competitors in its space; think about what differentiates yours from others within its category as well as any additional benefits users may receive when they sign up such as free trials and discounts.

Time for marketing plan

Next, decide what kind of marketing plan you will use to promote your SaaS business. There are numerous options available, but here’s a look at some of the most common:

Inbound Marketing

Building relationships with customers and potential users through blogging, social media, email marketing, etc.;

Outbound Marketing

Old outreach via emails or phone calls to individuals who may be interested in using your product;

Now that you have a name, price structure and features for your software as well as a way to market it online, it’s time to create an influencer list. List out everyone who might be able to help spread the word about your new company such as other web developers whose opinions people trust within your industry. Once you’ve compiled this list, it’s time to create your product.

Choose your hosting partner

Finally, decide on which SaaS platform you will use for hosting and payment processing. Be sure to do thorough research before selecting one because the platform you choose could affect everything from how users pay for licenses or subscriptions, what questions they may ask in technical support, etc. That’s all there is to create software as a service business without coding experience!

That’s it! You can now start a software as a service business without coding thanks to these simple steps that will show you exactly what needs to be done and in which order.

FAQs about SAAS

What is SaaS programming?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which the vendor delivers access to the application over the internet.

Does SaaS require coding?

Cloud SaaS needs a powerful and simple programming language that can deal with today’s needs. Sometimes companies pick the programming language that their in-house developers know best. But it is also true that you might not be sure which one to pick between all the options.

What are hosting costs for SaaS?

The pay and other expenses in support and operations account for 10% or more of income, with hosting costs ranging from 5% to 10%. Your prices are unjustifiably low if you spend more than 20% of each $$$ that comes in on compute, even in a computationally intensive application.

What is SaaS AWS?

You use AWS software as a service (SaaS) solutions to host software on AWS infrastructure and give clients access to it. You are in charge of customer access, account creation, resource provisioning, and account management within your program.

When should SaaS be profitable?

The company should be able to maintain this level of funding growth and increased profitability even as it grows in size. These margins can be deposited in revenue development as long as the Recurring Profits Margin is positive.